How good were your investments?


  • calculates capital gains and estimates tax using using FIFO and LIFO
  • long and short positions: stocks, ETFs, crypto-currencies,
  • detailed and configurable reports – you can filter the report by date or by product/equity name
  • supports csv files or copy-pasted transactions data
  • flexible import formats – specify the format of csv file and save it as a template
  • free, no subscription, no data harvesting, no advertising.

How it works?

Upload a file with your transaction data or simply copy-paste it.

Don’t worry about transactions format

Interactively describe format of your data.

Provide information about your data using an interactive form

Check out your capital gains, taxes and provision.

Investigate every equity in your portfolio. You can also give information needed for tax computation.

Need more details?

Check every single transaction for your equities