Transcalc FAQ

What would you like to know about Transcalc – capital gains and tax calculator?

What does Transcalc do?
Transcalc allows you to calculate the profitability of finance transactions. If you trade stocks, ETFs or cryptocurrencies, Transcalc can show you which transactions were good or bad.
What data do I need to calculate the profitability of transactions?
You need a file (preferably csv) with information about transactions you made, among them, the date of the transaction, buy or sell price and amount of goods. Most of the trading brokers allow you to generate and export such file. It should be a text file with clear with columns containing your transaction data. See the manual for an example
Is it possible to calculate the cost of my transactions?
Yes, Transcalc estimates the cost of your transaction based on the information given in your data about commission or provision costs. If this data is not available, you can specify provision as a percentage of your transaction. If you are a day trader or a short-term investor, you may be surprised how high are the aggregated cost of your transactions
Is it possible to calculate tax?
Transcalc allows you to estimate the tax from capital gains which are calculated by FIFO or LIFO method. However, this is only an estimation as the tax may be dependent on many other factors which are not provided in imported transaction files
Can I track my investment portfolio in the real time?
No. Transcalc shows profitability of the positions which are already closed. It doesn’t evaluate open positions against current equity prices from stock exchanges